City Santa Fe more popularly known only as Santa Fe or Sante Fe City is an urban development located in the Federal District which has become the most important development in terms of financial and corporate Mexico, is located in the west of Mexico City and part of Álvaro Obregón Cuajimalpa and delegations.


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Santa Fe is located next to the Federal Highway 15D and Mexico-Toluca Highway Mexico - Toluca 134D which connect to the city of Mexico state capital of Toluca. Located in an area that had once been sand mines and dumps of Mexico City, is often flirt with the area belonging to the Lomas Cuajimalpa delegations of Morelos and Miguel Hidalgo, where there are very emblematic buildings as popularly called Pant (Torre Arcos forests I). This area has been divided it into four types of land use areas (corporate, commercial, school and home).

Currently has four universities and a variety of private schools and one public university and several buildings housing the national and regional headquarters of several national and foreign companies. Opulent newly established residential subdivisions contrast with the neighborhoods and former villages located in the vicinity, as Tlaltenango San Mateo, Santa Rosa Xochiac or the People of Santa Fe It's mainly inhabited by families of middle and high socioeconomic status from throughout the republic or the world.


Administradora Espacio Santa Fe, Carretera México Toluca # 5420, Col. El Yaqui Del. Cuajimalpa de Morelos C.P. 05320, México D.F.