A corporate tower it easier for occupants to be "green" during their stay in the building.

 Besides recommending behaviors that reduce overhead and office consumption, Espacio Santa Fe offers a recycling program that can accommodate any size office, providing guidance (Building Operation Manual) on the proper disposal of wastes classified including electronics. Since knowledge is crucial to educating occupants on the benefits of sustainability, Espacio Santa Fe promotes energy efficiency and natural resources.




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Sustainable Architecture

Water Saving:
Use of rainwater for irrigation and water treatment systems, treatment of 100% waste water to drinking water is minimized and will not generate solid waste down the drain.

Save Energy:
Efficient energy use and acquisition of equipment and low energy lighting.

Garden with trees surrounded by low vegetation, distributed in different strategic points to create internal environments and preserve views to the outside.



Administradora Espacio Santa Fe, Carretera México Toluca # 5420, Col. El Yaqui Del. Cuajimalpa de Morelos C.P. 05320, México D.F.